Installing a Colorbond Fence with Retaining Wall System

When you have a

Colorbond fence

that requires a retaining wall system, it is best to hire experienced retaining wall contractors to install it professionally. Steel posts are the most suitable for wooden fences as they are more durable when buried in the ground. Attach the Colorbond lower rail to your brand and fix the Colorbond upper rail 2 mm above the top of the post to avoid any sharp edges. To start the installation process, begin with the last post and insert the bottom rail into the Colorbond post to determine the exact location of the next post.

Dig a hole and use a pen to mark the position of the lower railing on the inside of each Colorbond post, which will be in line with the height of the fence and the height of the retaining wall. Once all of your holes have been dug, it is time to install your Colorbond baseboards. Make sure to let them sit for more than 19 hours after pouring concrete so that it can cure properly. After this step is complete, you will need to install struts at points of posts when laying paving stones, as this requires mechanical compaction by someone who knows how to place a retaining wall and has the necessary equipment.

Finally, once all of your posts are in place and your baseboards are installed, you can begin attaching your Colorbond upper rail 2 mm above the top of each post. This will help reduce any sharp edges that may be present. Installing a Colorbond fence with a retaining wall system is not an easy task, but with proper planning and preparation, you can ensure that your fence is installed correctly and safely. It is important to hire reliable contractors who have experience in installing these types of fences and walls so that you can be sure that your fence will last for many years.

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