Enhance Your Colorbond Fence with Trellises and Planter Boxes

Climbing plants can be trained to grow on just about anything, instantly softening any surface they cover and creating a beautiful, natural look. If you prefer the industrial look, a brick wall is a great option for adding privacy to your home. A brick wall can act as a fence to block your neighbor's view of your garden and, at the same time, add an elegant element. DIY trellises don't get any easier than this.

To make the trellis, all you need is a piece of

fence for livestock

and rings or ties for pigs. Simply cut the panel in half. Fix the smooth upper edges and insert the pointed ends into the ground, spreading them straddling the plants. To make the modern trellis, all you need is a black metal fence panel, 2 black metal curtain hooks, a cordless drill (or a drill with extension cable) and screws.

In legal terms, there is no difference between the trellis and the fence, so check for local restrictions, as fences between properties should generally not exceed 8 feet in height. In this case, the sandy color of the fence didn't quite fit the new wood and brick walls, but it was a practical solution for creating a private space. Trellises can be primarily for climbers, but they're also a great way to hide old walls that you don't like anymore or add depth to painted wood walls. Residential metal art manufacturers can create decorative pieces that fit the style of their home in the form of laser-cut metal fences.

For lightweight trellises, you can use brick clips, clips with springs that are securely fixed around the edges of the bricks so as not to damage the hanging trellis. Colorbond isn't ideal for laser cutting, so if you're looking for a decorative privacy screen, powder-coated aluminum of your choice is a viable alternative. For clematis, fireflies or annual climbers, the trellis is sufficient to support them without additional considerations, since they send tendrils that attach to the wood or roll up on their own. The

Colorbond fence

is made of Colorbond steel, a material specifically manufactured to withstand the Australian climate and other outdoor conditions.

This is the perfect way to add height to your fence, increase your privacy and add an attractive element to your space. Neighbors on both sides of the fence enjoy clean, uncluttered lines thanks to their easy-to-build modular panels. If you want to install additional features on your Colorbond fence such as trellises or planter boxes, it's easy to do so. Simply place the trellis on the wall and use garden wire to attach the pots you want to the trellis.

This will give your garden an extra touch of style and elegance while also providing more privacy.

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