How to Keep Your Colorbond Fence Looking Its Best

Colorbond fences are incredibly durable and require minimal maintenance, but there are a few steps you can take to keep your fence looking its best. To begin, wash the surface with a mild solution of pure soap or a mild, non-abrasive kitchen detergent in warm water. Use a sponge, a soft cloth or a soft-bristled nylon brush to apply the solution gently, avoiding shiny stains. Additionally, you can spray the fence with a hose periodically while washing your car or watering your garden.

Check for cobwebs and clean them with a broom. Make sure that soil or garden infill does not build up against the bottom of the Colorbond fence, as water retention could eventually cause corrosion. Graffiti is also a potential threat, though it doesn't look very good on colored fences anyway. Mushroom growth can occur on virtually any surface, and Colorbond is no exception. To extend the life of your fence and keep it looking attractive, BlueScope Steel's Colorbond cleaning guide recommends hosing off areas that aren't regularly washed with rainwater every 6 months.

The consequences of chimneys that use wood, oil and other fuels can be potentially harmful to a Colorbond fence. If the appearance of colorbond steel is affected by weathering, it can often be restored by repainting. If you need help cleaning or maintaining your Colorbond fence, Quick Quote is happy to make budget adjustments and provide fast service. Their installer, Andrew, was great: he called a couple of days in advance to confirm the date and time of the work, followed up the day before, arrived on time and cleaned up when he finished. By following these simple steps and taking preventative measures, you can ensure that your Colorbond fence looks its best for years to come.

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